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Casey Connects ...

  • as a Certified Holistic Coach - with clients who are ready to embark on transformative inner work.

  • as a Yoga Teacher - creating practices to engage the connection of the mind, body & spirit.

  • as a Creative Consultant - helping clients express their voice & share their vision with the world.

  • as a person who believes community is where life happens...

    • I'm a dancer, actor, singer who loves to entertain.

    • a husband, son, brother, uncle, friend who believes that relationships are the fabric of life.

    • a lover of dirty martinis, donuts & Mexican food.

    • a collector of all kinds of art - especially beautiful, everyday objects.

The Rose Window

I have always been fascinated by stained glass windows - especially rose windows found in big, gothic-style structures. Stained glass windows are spectacular endeavors designed and crafted by artists to express their creativity and often their devotion to the divine. Like almost all art, the creation isn't only for the joy of the artist. It is designed to captivate and delight all who see it ... and, stained glass windows create light patterns and display their beauty even when no one is around to see it.

The presence of a stained glass window can help turn an ordinary place into a sacred space that inspires awe and invites us to deeper connection with ourselves and with the divine spirit.

I hope my metaphors are clear: The work I feel called to do of helping others connect with their lives is all about creating space for creativity, inter-personal connection (relationships) and beauty (what I call spirituality).

That's what Casey Connects and the rose window are all about.

connect with me!